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    I offer a friendly, reliable and knowledgeable tutorial and/or business communications video service. In addition I help people and organisations who are frustrated with their technology by providing PC support services, for all Microsoft Windows problems.
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    'Overcoming barriers to higher performance' 
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    Shedding pointless red tape could transform the way businesses work, writes Simon Caulkin


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I formed Critical Difference (CD) consultancy in 1997, initially offering conventional management training, managing innovation and organizational development.

Since then Critical Difference has developed extensive experience in helping organisations tackle areas that are barriers to improvement they traditionally avoid, at increasingly greater cost. Organisations that, as one client said to us are satisfied with ‘satisfactory’, and have:

more rust than trust
more nope than hope
more bleeding than leading
more plans than planning

We help these organisations build a transformative repertoire and confidence to address these issues to enable sustainable change and higher performance including:

* Developing Purpose and Direction

* Overcoming disengagement and defensiveness at an individual, team, and organizational level
* Developing a more creative climate: tackling the high cost of low trust

* Developing independent, self critical teams
* Developing networks/networking skills

* Developing an Organisational Learning Culture to enable sustained higher performance

* Creating an ‘orderly pipeline’ between improvement ideas and improved practice: Managing Innovation system

* Developing democratic enterprises
* Using 'new technologies’ to engage and sustain commitment

* ‘I want to work there': becoming an 'employer of choice’
* Enlarging leadership to enlarge performance: distributed leadership

* Coaching and Mentoring

We specialise in:
i2i: ideas into impact:
new ideas for old problems, seeing the new ideas through and seeing the problems off

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Hobbies: dancing, music, writing, Work strengths: Business Creativity, Innovation, Enabling sustainable change