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October 01, 2007



Innovation the new buzz word......

Innovation - something newly introduced, new method, custom, device…………..innovation the new ‘buzz’ phase in the markets…………but surely that’s not new, so is innovation a buzz about nothing?

Let’s investigate…………….’new’ – never existed before, appearing, thought of, developed, made, produced, etc for the first time……………but ‘new’ is also defined as – existing before, but known or discovered for the first time.

Hummm…….so new doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘brand new’, which brings us a little closer to the real essence of the modern day explanation of ‘innovation’. In order to explore this further, think of the ‘innovators’ as sitting in two camps:-

Camp # 01 = the Fashionistas

In this camp, people are wearing amazing clothes – the colors are vibrant, cloth which has never been seen before, new shapes, new cuts, and new patterns – plain exquisite!

Camp # 02 = the Insanes

In this camp, people are either not wearing clothes, wearing them on their head or wearing their tents instead of wearing clothes. Screams of excitement and glee from them can be heard in the other camp.

Which camp contains the real innovators?

............what if I told you Leonardo De Vinci had a tent in camp # 02 – new perspective , ………..perhaps new conclusions.

Modern day innovation – a PR triumph!

(Think of a 4 segment grid, with 'perspective' and 'idea' as the axis, and 'old' and 'new' as the segment labels - innovation could be seen in at least 3 of these segments).

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